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Miranda Fetahu

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“My parents grew up in Kosovo my father with 3 sisters and 3 brother making a total of 7 kids, he was raised in Verban with a noble father who like most made money from farming. The children assisted in farming and chore work while they weren’t in school.
My mother grew up with 2 younger brothers, my grandfather going back and forth between Germany and Kosovo trying to support my mothers family and the families of 3 of his brothers with building houses for all of the families etc.

While the families that they came from were majorly different my parents joined in marriage taking my mother from a fortunate family to a hardworking farm family in Verban. There they had my brother first and then 4 years later I was born. My father going back and forth between Germany and Kosovo until the war began, we stayed in the woods in tents living there with other family members until we finally found freedom in America thanks to a church which brought us overs and were our sponsors, when we arrived in America my parents knew no English but that didn’t matter. The church sponsors helped my parents get jobs and an apartment and to this day my family is thankful for all the help we are given. My mother worked 2 jobs and so did my dad and at times my brother and I would go with them seeing that we were too young to be home alone but they couldn’t stop working, they were here to give us a better chance than they did, they were here for the opportunities. With some bumps in the road, odds jobs, and tearful oversea phone calls my family has worked extremely hard for all that we have. My parents have worked hard enough to buy a house in America and also recently we have bought a family home in Kosovo, my brother who is 20 and going to college is now engaged to his fiancé Floriana who we are looking to bring over to America. I am currently in the 10th grade and looking back at all that my parents have worked so hard to give my brother and I, I am extremely grateful.

If my parents weren’t to have taken the chances they did I  wouldn’t be where I am today and I couldn’t imagine any other way to repay them other than making them proud by my own achievements in life. I come from a big family and with so many people problems are bound to happen but the love that we have cannot be broken just like our love for the country which we hail from.

We might be all spread out with an aunt in Canada, another aunt and 2 uncles in Germany and cousins and a uncle in Switzerland we will always found our way back home, home forever being Kosovo.”

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