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“Montenegro Visit

One early morning I was asleep.  It was around 4 or 5 in the morning and all I heard were people talking in the living room. At first, I didn’t know what it was, so I just ignored it and went back to sleep.  A few minutes later, my mom said, “Get up, we’re leaving”. I was like, “Where are we going?!” She said “to Malesia”.  I was so surprised. All I remember seeing was my parents putting the suitcases in the trunk of my uncle’s car. Then my dad hugged us and kissed us. We left with my mother. When we got to the airport we sat there for a hour, then got on the plane and took the long flight.  When we arrived, my uncle picked us up from the airport.  We went straight to my Grandpa’s home from there and they gave us a warm welcome with lots of food and drinks. I went outside to see the animals. There were a lot! There were 2 donkeys a lot of lambs and sheep. There were also cats and dogs and hens and chicks. I got to go on the donkey down this rocky hill where I fell off the donkey! I got to visit my dad’s old school and we went out to go get some burek to eat then we went to get some candy with my cousin. It was a lot of fun in Montenegro. We went to my Grandma’s, but she was remodeling her house and it was kind of busy. Then we went to my uncle’s house (the one that picked us up from the airport).  It was so fun because he has a daughter my age (13 years old) and it was sad because she couldn’t have half the things I have. So I gave her some of my stuff. Then 1 month passed and I couldn’t believe it. It was time to go home.  After I left Malesia and came back home to Michigan, my dad gave me a kiss and asked me if I had fun.  I said “po!” I forgot how to speak English! My cousins had taught me how to speak Albanian and it was great!”


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