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Donika Qelaj

Donika Qelaj

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“I am 17 years old and I have traveled to Kosovo 3 times on my own. Being born in Kosovo I have always felt a deep connection to my culture and land. Whenever I am in my home country I feel like I’m in the place where I belong. I went to school for two months in my first semester of grade ten and it was the most life changing event I have ever experienced. I witnessed how kind and compassionate people in Kosovo can be when they have very little themselves, but I also witnessed how cruel people can be when they meet foreigners. I made some amazing friends, and saw some amazing things. I will admit, I did not learn a thing in school because the dialect was much more formal than I could understand, although I was content with joking around with my friends and going out for burgers during the break. Visiting Kosovo is tough for me, because I miss it so much and I love the land and lifestyle. There are also negative things though, the citizens in Kosovo do not have much because opportunity is scarce. Teens will take any horrible job they can manage to find because their parents don’t have enough to buy groceries for the day. Life is hard for  people living in Kosovo. There are positives and negatives about my Albanian culture but I  love it with all my heart.”

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