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bora collageBora Shehu: Vice Director

Bora Shehu is an Albanian-American graphic designer, photographer and artist. She was born in Tirana, Albania and emigrated to Atlanta, Georgia when she was 5 years old. She attended Lakeside High School in Atlanta, Georgia before going on to do her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Georgia. Since Atlanta has a very small Albanian community, Bora grew up speaking standard Albanian with a few Albanian family members, but had mostly American friends. Bora’s interest in this project is rooted in her desire to become more familiar with Albanian history, culture and language. She wants to be able to communicate in all dialects of Albanian. Bora has been back to Albania a few times since she moved to the United States. Her family went on a “patriotic tour” through the region a few summers ago where she gained more interest in the expansive culture. The recent Albanian Voices trip in November and December 2014 solidified her interest in the region and opened her eyes to the current state of the Albanian people. She is looking forward to getting to know more Albanian communities outside of Albania, such as the Albanian-American communities of New York, Boston and eventually all over the world. Bora is helping Ashley collect stories from Albanians all over the world, creating the visual identity of the organization, and helping to knit together all of the necessary pieces to make the project grow.

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