Anjeza Angie Gega

Anjeza Angie Gega

Anjeza Angie Gega

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“Being born and raised in a third world country has been a blessing in disguise. Because we struggled to make ends meet, we learned that happiness is not having everything. When we were hurt and felt lonely, I found music and dance. While the world was so tied up in dictatorship and control, we emerged fast in embracing freedom and faith. My country was Albania. I love being Albanian for what it created me to be. Strong, independent, loyal, committed, a go-getter, kind, caring, sharing and much more. My name is Anjeza Angie Gega. I am an artist based in Los Angeles, California. My artistic life started at the age of seven and although we were limited in what we could achieve, it was hope and faith- two traits of an Albanian woman – that kept me going. I often traveled to Italy, Germany and Greece as a dancer/singer/model where I was not embraced well once they learned of my heritage. However, you live, learn, forgive and understand that not everyone is open to know a person for who they are; many times they judge based on what they have heard. I have been living in Los Angeles for 10 years. I am a singer/actress/dancer/model/author/choreographer and humanitarian. Everything I lived has made me who I am. The world doesn’t know enough about Albania and it makes me sad. For example, our food is delicious! It is influenced from Greece, Italy, Turkey, Romania, Israel, and Russia.  Of course, we have our weakness; all countries do, but we deserve a chance to be known. The rest of the world identify us with the mafia, weapons, or the movie “Taken”.  But we are so much more. I am so glad that Ashley Wood is taking this step in exploring our country. We give so much. We sacrifice. We love. Here is a Christmas song sung in 4 languages. You will find my vocals singing Italian and Albanian. Another singer sings in Spanish and English. I hope you enjoy!

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