Albanian-American male (anonymous)

Albanian-American male (anonymous)

Albanian-American male (anonymous)

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“Someone asked me today how much I love Albania. This was the only response I could come up with: ‘I would suffer the worst torture man could think of in order to see Albania’s borders restored to their rightful places. For every grain of sand that anyone tries to take from us, I would suffer torture a thousand times to see that grain of sand returned to its place. That is how much I love my land and my people.’ The Illyrians are an old race, second to none in Europe known today as Albanians. They are a people who have withstood the trials of time: war, disease, famine, hardship. Nature has not broken us as a race but deceit lies treachery and politics have turned us into a country that gets used for political reasons.  And now I feel that we sit as a child asking for our land back waiting for it to be given. We are an old, tired people, used to suffering. Yet we have not felt our strength leave our bones nor the lands our ancestors fought and died for.  It is time for us to reclaim our position in Europe. Albania is a bridge between the east and west, and like a bridge, we must stand strong and proud against the storms and the winds and time itself .  So was the case in the hallowed antiquity. We were and always will be a free land where eagles soared un-caged.”

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