20 Cool English Idioms To Improve Fluency

20 Cool English Idioms To Improve Fluency

20 Cool English Idioms To Improve Fluency

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Every language has its own collection of wise sayings that many people call idioms. Those phrases generally offer advice about how to live and also transfer some underlying ideas, principles and values of a given society. They usually have a meaning that goes beyond just the words that make them up. In the past, we have put out a few articles about English idioms that many of you have found helpful. Here are a list of 20 more English idioms that you can learn to improve your fluency and sound more like a native speaker.

stealthunder1. Steal someone’s thunder: To take the credit for something someone else did. “Jenny is going to let Fred lead the meeting because she doesn’t want to steal his thunder. He’s worked so hard this year.” 

2. A penny for your thoughts: A way of asking someone what he or she is thinking. “Hey, Sam! A penny for your thoughts?”

3. Actions speak louder than words: You should decide how valuable someone is by what they do, not by what they say they are going to do. “When Jim told me that he was going to write another book, I told him that his actions speak louder than his words and that he should stop talking and get started.”  

penny for your thoughts4. Add insult to injury: Making a bad situation worse. “They lost their jobs last week and to add insult to injury, they lost the apartment too.” 

5. An arm and a leg: Very expensive or costly; a great deal of money. “That house cost us an arm and a leg!”

6. At the drop of a hat: Without any hesitation. “I cannot answer the phone at the drop of a hat when I’m at work.”

7. Back to the drawing board: When an attempt fails and it’s time to start all over. “We tried to implement the new system at work, but it was a complete failure, so I guess it’s back to the drawing board.”

8. Ball is in your court: It is up to you to make the next decision or step. “I can’t do anything else on the project because the ball is in the client’s court. Hopefully we will hear back from him today.”

9. Barking up the wrong tree: Looking in the wrong place. Accusing the wrong person. “Listen, man. You’re barking up the wrong tree here. We aren’t responsible for that problem.”

beating-around-bush-110. Beat around the bush: Avoiding the main topic and not speaking honestly and directly about it. “I don’t have time to beat around the bush, so I’m just going to say it.”

11.  Cut corners: When something is done badly to save money. “The reason the machine doesn’t work is that they cut corners at the factory to save money. This part is totally defective.”

12. Devil’s Advocate: To kindly present a counter argument, just for the sake of consideration. “I’m just going to play Devil’s Advocate here and ask you if you have considered an alternative to cancellation.”

13. See eye to eye: To agree on something. “My colleague and I just don’t see eye to eye on the issue. We cannot agree.” 

14. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket: Do not count on one resource alone. “You need to make sure that you teach the children with various teaching methods. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

images (1)15. Every cloud has a silver lining: Be optimistic, even difficult times will lead to better days.

16. Far cry from: Very different from. “That cake is a far cry from the one we saw in the magazine!”

17. Hit the nail on the head: Do or say something exactly right. “When he said we were going to need a ton of help, he really hit the nail on the head!”

cat out of bag18. Jump on the bandwagon: Join a popular trend or activity. “I know everyone is using SnapChat, but I’m reluctant to jump on the bandwagon of that social media trend.”

19. Kill two birds with one stone: Get two things accomplished at the same time. “If we learn while we do the project, we will be able to kill two birds with one stone.”

20. Let the cat out of the bag: To share a secret that will cause some form of chaos. “Now that Dr. Tucker let the cat out of the bag, the students know there will be pizza at lunch and they are so excited.”

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