5 Must-Know Idioms for Business

5 Must-Know Idioms for Business

5 Must-Know Idioms for Business

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By Ashley Elizabeth Wood

business-257871_640If you’re like me, you love to learn new expressions that help you sound more native in a language that isn’t your mother tongue. One place that you hear a great deal of idioms is in business. Here are 5 great phrases in English that are related to business that you can add to your vocabulary to make you sound more professional.

  1. Foot in the door.
    • It means: to get an opportunity to take the first step in achieving your goal, usually by making a connection with an important person or organization.
    • Example sentence: If I can just get a meeting with the CEO, I’ll have my foot in the door and then I can pitch him my idea.
  2. A team player.
    • It means: someone who works well with others to get the job done.
    • Example sentence: We couldn’t have finished the report on time if it weren’t for Christy because she is such a team player. 
  3. A real trouper.
    • It means: someone who deals with a lot and does not give up, usually for the benefit of another group.
    • Example sentence: Peter stayed at the office all night to finish the presentation. I can’t believe he did that; he’s a real trouper.
    • Note: It is trouper, not trooper. A trooper is a police man who patrols the highways. A trouper is a reliable, uncomplaining person; a staunch supporter or colleague.
  4. mobile-social-heroTricks of the trade.
    • It means: a skill or method that is used frequently in a profession.
    • Matt knows all the tricks of the trade. He is the best salesman on our team.
  5. To pull rank.
    • It means: to exercise authority. Usually to end a discussion or disregard the views of others.
    • Example sentence: My employees didn’t want to do the job as I had specified, so I had to pull rank and make them start all over again.

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