10 English Expressions That Will Improve Your Writing

10 English Expressions That Will Improve Your Writing

10 English Expressions That Will Improve Your Writing

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By Ashley Elizabeth Wood

helpEnglish can be tricky to understand, but it is important to master. It is the most widespread language in the world, and more widely spoken and written than any other language on earth in the history of humankind.  Over 400 million people use English as a mother tongue and over 700 million people speak it as a foreign language. Of all the world’s languages that have been recorded (of which there are over 2,700), English is arguably the richest in vocabulary as it is estimated there are one million English words. Three-quarters of all the world’s mail, cables and internet correspondence is in English. And 5 of the largest broadcasting companies in the world (CBS, NBC, ABC, BBC and CBC) transmit in English, reaching up to a billion people.

english 2There are a lot of phrases and expressions that are unique to American English that when understood and used properly, can make you sound like a native speaker. Here are 10 very English phrases to try out this week. They are related to either music, running or love. Which ones are American English only? We look forward to your comments!

  1. Music to one’s ears.
    • It means: to hear something great.
    • Example sentence: She really missed her family a lot, so it was music to her ears when she heard her sister’s voice.
  2. To ring a bell.
    • It means: to sound sound familiar.
    • Example sentence: He didn’t recognize the professor’s face, but her name rang a bell.
  3. To face the music.
    • It means: to handle the consequences of an action.
    • Example sentence: She was unprepared for the meeting, so she had to face the music when her boss asked for a report.
  4. shutterstock_156272597To sing someone’s praises.
    • It means: to say very good things about someone.
    • When he finally handed in an excellent report, the boss sang his praises to the whole department
  5. Running behind.
    • It means: to be late.
    • Example sentence: Her alarm clock didn’t wake her on time, so she was running behind that morning.
  6. Running the show.
    • It means: being in charge.
    • Example sentence: When you are the boss of the company, then you can run the show.
  7. Run it by someone.
    • It means: to go over a plan with someone.
    • Example sentence: We made the plan last night. Can you run it by your boss and see if he approves?
  8. Running around in circles.
    • It means: to seem to be doing a lot of activity, but not getting anything accomplished.
    • Example sentence:  Because they did not make it clear what she needed to do, she was running around in circles all day.
  9. falling-in-loveHead over heels.
    • It means: to be absolutely and completely in love.
    • Example sentence: Tina is head over heels in love with Jorge; she can’t stop talking about him.
  10.  On the rocks.
    • It means: when a relationship starts to have problems.
    • Example sentence: I think our neighbors’ marriage is on the rocks. All I do is hear them fighting.

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