Oral History with a Modern Twist

Albanian history has mostly been passed down to future generations orally: through songs, legends and stories. It needs to be preserved in writing. We use digital story-telling techniques to share this history in modern format. By collecting individual voices, we create a glimpse into the life of Albanians world-wide.

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Story Collection

We are currently collecting stories from all ethnic Albanians world-wide. There is no one "type" of story we want. Anything is welcome! Examples of topics we have included in personal interviews are: Ancient legends, current politics, family history, favorite things, views on certain countries, hardship under communism, immigration, finding work, traveling illegally, marriage, weddings, funerals, death, birth, traditional or popular songs, religion, individual thoughts, hopes, regrets and desires. We accept stories in English, Albanian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Serbian. Ne pranojmë histori në anglisht, shqip, gjermanisht, frëngjisht, spanjisht, portugalisht, italisht, rusisht dhe serbisht.

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Sponsoring Albanian Voices

If you would like to help Albanian Voices continue to grow, we would be grateful for any donation, large or small. We use the funds to maintain this website and our small staff, as well as to conduct research, promote the project on social media, travel and interview Albanians all over the world.

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    Sponsoring Albanian Voices

    The success of this project depends entirely on donations. Please consider giving to Albanian Voices. We use the funds for maintenance of the project and website as well as to interview Albanians all over the world.

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